Wear A Helmet!

There are many types and styles of helmets you can use on your sportbike. Helmets do more than just save your life during a crash. A good full face helmet offers the best protection possible. If you think your too cool for a helmet and set out on that nice day with no helmet and just a pair of sunglasses on. That’s fine go right ahead.. If your passionate about Buells like I am. Then you have a copy or two or three of “The Book of Buell”. In there Erik states that at 19 Mph. Winds starts to whip around your glasses, which cause your eyes to water.

Sportbikes are meant to be for great speeds and handling. How are you gonna do that without a good helmet to protect you. Various companies today such as KBC, Fulmer, Icon, Aria, Scorpion, Bell, AGV, HJC and others offer great helmets at decent prices.  Strap on a helmet and go out and enjoy your motorcycle. Helmets today offer get cooling vents, spoilers, chin curtains and other features that make them no only look cool, but will save your skull in the event of a crash.

motorcycle helmet after a crash

I know.. Thanks to my Icon Domain helmet! I hit the ground doing 70 mph. I landing in tall soft dry grass off a freeway exit. It was hardly soft at all at 70mph. In fact the back of my helmet had about a 2 inch scrape/ cut groove in it. Along with a few other scratches and scuffs. With out the helmet i might not even able to sit here and write this.

Helmet plays a big part as well. Measure around your head 1 inch above your eye brows. This number will tell you the size helmet you will need to fit your right. On the street i wear a size large helmet. Its fairly snug and doesn’t wobble all over my head. Keep in mind I’m only going the posted speed limit on roads and highways. On the race track i used a small to test out thanks to my friend AMA Pro Road Racer Walt Sipp. Walt gave me a small size KBC Vr-2 helmet to try out. I also got a Fulmer helmet in small as well. Your thinking.. small?? If your wearing a large on the street how is that big head of your gonna fit in a small? The helmet was a bit more snug and tight… But at high speeds I didn’t want any movement or wobble with the helmet slipping around on my head. It worked great..

I would recommend if your in the market for a new Helmet. Check out Fulmer helmets or KBC helmets if possible.  Those are two brands I have been using at this current time. I like them alot and each company has great styles to choose from! You shouldn’t wear a helmet for more than 4-5 years anyways and be sure to take care of it. Inspect it for any dings or damage…When it doubt.. toss it out and get a new one!


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2 thoughts on “Wear A Helmet!

  1. Wayne

    I enjoy the option to not wear a helmet.
    But as I get older I realize the importance of protecting my head.
    You could say I’m not so hard headed…lol.
    Plus your story and knowing that your helmet saved your life and/or kept you from becoming a vegetable helped as well.
    My helmet is feeling more and more like it’s a part of me as I ride.
    Just got to add some cool stickers now:)

  2. B.J. Post author

    Wayne thanks for the comment.. Yes my helmet story is true and I’m happy to have to chance to tell it. Smashing the ground at 70mph in what I thought would be soft grass was any thing but that. Helmet died, I didnt…Yes I too think the helmet is part of the bike, It also can aide in styling as well. But buy for safety not for looks. ( a $10.00 helmet for your $10.00 head?) Let’s ride!!


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