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Back from Daytona 2014!

IMG_4775Just got home from another great time pit crewing in Daytona! I would like to thank team owner of Thrashed Bike Racing Tim Ivanoff for letting me come help. Also our rider #123 Dave Estok who is a great pleasure to work with. IMG_4794I really love pit crewing in the AMA Pro racing series. Also pit crewing and working on these Harley-Davidson XR1200 race bikes in the Vance & Hines spec class is pretty cool.  If you ever get the chance to see a AMA race in person. I suggest you do it! You can meet the riders and their two wheeled machines up close and in person during fanwalk autograph sessions at each track.

I also got the great pleasure of chatting with Erik Buell of Erik Buell Racing (EBR). We talked for a bit about the Superbike efforts this year with Larry Pegram and Cory West. He also asked how my racing efforts were going for this year. It was really cool for him to ask that about me.

IMG_4955Looking forward to being able to get back to my next race of pit crew duties and to get started on my our racing efforts again this year! If you would like to help support the #12 bearracing buell with a few dollar donations please do so through the website her via paypal. Thank you all and we hope to see you at the track! #gofast

IMG_3818B.J. De Jong of bearracing.

MCRA Racing Costs

Here are some of the typical fees and expenses B.J.  runs  into when participating in the MCRA races:

Trackday Practice Fee:

  • Heartland Park Topeka Kansas $125.00 each day (Sat and Sun)
  • Gateway Motorsports Park St. Louis Mo. $135.00 each day (Sat and Sun)
  • Putnam Racway Park Greencastle Indiana $135.00 each day (Sat and Sun)
  • Late entry Track Practice Fee $175.00-$185.00.  These prices take the place of the above fees, when paying after the deadline.  Deadline is usually one week before the race.

******Trackday Practice Fee is required one time prior to racing, but is very helpful to the rider  if done both days.

Race entry fee:

  • Saturday GT Race-$65.00
  • Saturday GT Lights Race $65.00
  • Sunday GT Race-$65.00
  • Sunday GT Lights Race $65.00

*******B.J. is currently concentrating on the GT Lights races for this season.  Currently positioned in 3rd place overall for his points.

Sunoco Race fuel for a typical race weekend = $50

New Dunlop Race tires: $275.00

Travel fuel:$115.00 fuel cost to Gateway for the weekend
Hotel Cost: One night stay at Motel 6 for Gateway motorsports race was $52.05
Food:$10.00-$50.00 a day depending on where you eat while at out of town race tracks.
Some tracks have garage areas to rent for $100.00 each day. Other tracks require a donation of $10.00-$20.00
We have 3 race weekends left of the season.  One in Putnam IL, one in Gateway Motorsports Park in St. Louis, and one at Heartland Park in Topeka KS.  B.J. is currently ranked 3rd in points for the season!  He get points for the racing season even if he doesn’t place, show or win!  In order to keep his 3rd position and/or move up to second or first, he needs to participate in the last 3 race weekends of the season.
As you can see, A typical race weekend for B.J. costs around $500.  Thanks to all B.J.’s  fans and friends who have helped him along the way!
I’ll be calling some friends in Indiana to see if we can stay at their house to help cut costs even further.  If friends could step up with a few bucks each, it would help B.J. finish in the top three.
Every dollar helps, consider sending a buck or two to help  B.J.?



Bearracing partners with Tattoo Shop

Bearracing has continued to grow and partner with other businesses along the way.

Today, we were able to secure prime advertising on

This will help bearracing by exposing our name on more than 50 pages of a website that get’s 90% of it’s visitors from organic searches.  We look forward to seeing some of you liking our facebook page and following us on twitter.

B.J. will be racing this year on his own Buell that he has worked hard to build from the frame up.  We look forward to partnering with other businesses along the way, and helping you promote your business.

Racing has become a passion of mine, even though I like to just cruise on my Harley.  I look forward to helping B.J. get into every race that he can because someday I’d like to be racing along side him and other motorcycle racers or rather in front of them…lol.

Like Bearracing on Facebook and Twitter and we look forward to giving you updates throughout this exciting year of 2012!

Let the races begin and be safe!

2012 MCRA Racing Schedule

In August of 2011 bearracing’s B.J. De Jong attempted to earn his motorcycle road racing license. Taking a racers clinic with MCRA, passing the course  and racing that weekend. B.J. took home a 3rd place trophy in his 1st race at Heartland Park Topeka Kansas. New for 2012 the Midwest Cafe Racing Association- Known as MCRA as set up a new series here in the mid west. It will consist of 3 tracks and 16 races over 8 weekends. The 2012 MCRA I-70 Challenge schedule is here listed below. B.J. hopes to make his 2012 MCRA racing debute on board his own built Buell Firebolt XB12R race bike. Watch for the #27 bearracing Buell Firebolt with B.J. De Jong to have his first race July 7th at Heartland Park Topeka Kansas**. We would like to thank new 2012 sponsors CYCLE GEAR and AMSOIL for helping out with the bearracing team’s efforts and advertising with us. We hope to get on track and repesent you well!
If you would like to become a sponsor of bearracing Amature team or sponsor a Professional AMA Pro Racing team on the high level. Contact us today and be apart of the sport with your support!!
Midwest Cafe Racing Association


Putnam Park – April 21-22

Gateway – May 26-27

Gateway – Jun 16-17

Heartland Park – Jul 7-8**

Gateway – Aug 4-5

Putnam Park – Sep 8-9

Heartland Park – Sep 29-30

Gateway – Oct 13-14

M.C.R.A. race weekend August 2011

On August 13th B.J. De Jong showed up with a Buell XB12R Firebolt racebike named Starr.  Owned and built by friend and fellow pit crew member Alex Oppermann of the James Gang Racing team. B.J.’s plan was to enter into the M.C.R.A. race weekend event.  Before he could enter any races.  He had to complete a racers license clinic and pass before getting a race license to enter any races over the Aug 13th and 14th weekend.

B.J. set up list looking at the cost it would be to do the race weekend.  With this in mind, he started searching for some sponsor help.  He went about promoting himself as if he was already a racer trying to get sponsor money for the races he might not even be able to enter.  Knowing this it put some pressure into making sure he would perform well in the racers license clinic.  B.J. De Jong of bearracing was able to secure two great sponsors in our local area here in Kansas.  A & H Air Conditioning, Heating and Plumbing in Baldwin Ks, and DC Custom Crafted Cycles in Eudora Ks came on board to help with funding for the weekend.  Thank You!
A&H air conditioning, heating and plumbing
 DC Custom Crafted Cycles
We showed up at the track Saturday morning for the racers clinic.  Took some class room instructions, went out for some on track riding. Back to the classroom again for discussion and instructions.  Then back out to the track again for more motorcycle racing.  Once that was done, we took a written test and a mock race. The written test had to be passed before we could participate in the mock race.   With the written test passed it was time to head out to the track for the mock race.

Rules of the mock race:

  • Follow the flags and race boards
  • Don’t crash in the race!
 There were 8 riders in the racer license class, B.J. rode his buell racebike to a 5 place finish in the mock race earning his race license!
Next, was the Saturday Sportsman race. 13 riders where entered in the race. B.J. was now a licensed racer and was able to enter any remaining saturday races. So he entered the Sportsman race.  Starting dead last in the 25min long race on the 2.5 mile Heartland Park Topeka road course.  Once the green flag waved B.J. nailed the throttle and with a huge wheelie off the starting line found himself heading into turn 1 in 2nd place. After the next few turns he fell to 3rd.  Settling into place on the track and holding pace with the top leaders.
 With a the race half way over, B.J.’s #27 Buell started to reel 2nd place back in.  Pushing the limits in turn 12 would be costly as the #27 Buell’s rear tire struck a seal in the track going to0 wide in the turn.  This upset the handling of the bike, sending it off track.  With the recent rain, the grassy area proved to be a place of no grip for tires of race boots.  As B.J. put his foot down to slow and gain control, the muddy soft wet grass gave way and B.J. fell over in the mud.  With his hand still on the clutch, bike still running, he got back up and picked the bike up only to see all the other riders pass right by on the track.
BJ on #27 Buell named Starr
 He would get back on the track and come home in 12th place of the 13 rider field with only a few minutes left in the race.
The Saturday wasn’t a total waste as the main goal was to get the race license. Then to get some experience for Sunday’s race on the 14th.  With the off track experience on Saturday, the main goal for Sunday’s race was to just stay on track and not fall down.  B.J.’s best friend Clint Barnett would show up Sunday morning to take charge of the A & H, DC Custom Cycles bearracing #27 Buell. To be the Crew Chief of the bearracing team.  Attending to a little cosmetic damage,and changing tires.  Clint would get the #27 Buell in great shape for Sunday’s race.  Clint’s wife Jessica, and daughter Cora would join him for part of the day.
BJ's Pit crew and Umbrella girl
 After the drivers meeting we took the bike to tech inspection, and to get our transponder for the race.  It was then time for practice.  B.J. was a little leary on new tires running a lap time of 2:12.00 in the first 2 practice sessions of the morning.  Crew man Joey Cassity would take lap times, and aide in getting Sunoco race fuel for the bike.  Crew man James Colbert would help with tire warmers and race stands.  Heather Swenson and baby Jolene would also be at the track for support and take pictures.  AMA pro rider Walt Sipp also joined us in our pit area to give B.J. some tips on what race line to take.
 During the final practice of the day we where able to click off a lap time of 2:08.00.  That felt pretty good being on a borrowed racebike.
 At the start of the race B.J. lined up on the 1 row of his race class on the outside line.  On the drop of the green flag, the Buell would pull a huge wheelie again off the starting line.  Heading into turn one.  Two riders got around B.J. and he ran the the full 25 min sprint race with out a crash.  Once the checkard flag waved and the riders pulled into the finish area and victory lane.  B.J. was greeted with a 3rd place trophy in the MCRA GTL-AM race.  The trophy was designed by racer Hector St. John.  He also got $45.00 cash $40.00 in gift certificates for motorcycle items.  All in all the weekend was pretty successful.  The bearracing team would like to thank everyone mentioned here.  B.J. would like to personally thank those sponsors for all their help!  Looking forward to doing it again next race season!!
BJ interview with HoAMEBJ Holding 3rd place trophy

Track Day/Practice for MCRA HPT race weekend

B.J. entered into the July 31st Heartland Park Motorcycle track day.  This was to prepare for the upcoming MCRA race weekend on August 13th and 14th, 2011.  He entered into the Novice class during this track day event.  The motorcycle he was racing with was a Buell XB12R Firebolt race bike, provided by Alex Opperman of the James Gang Racing team.

Motorcycle racing on a turnHis goal was to become familiar with the new race bike and to gain experience at the HPT.  This was in preparation to Aug.13th and 14th MCRA race weekend.  He will be attempting to acquire a race license by completing the clinic that’s available on that weekend.

B.J. was the fastest in his novice class on the Buell racing bike.  He lapped the field on the 2.5 mile road course.  He handled the bike as if it was an old friend that he was used to.

Motorcycle in the lead on a curve

It was a hot and steamy day for spectators in shorts, I can only imagine how the racers felt with full gear.  It was still an awesome day, and I look forward to attending more races in the future.

If you would like to contribute to helping B.J. or Walt Sipp race, check out the Sponsor Levels. Check out B.J.’s thanks to A&H.

Art of the Chopper at Union Station in KC Mo

If you love motorcycles and original artwork, you’ll love to get to see these choppers on display at Union Station in KC MO.

This event will be going on until Sept. 25th, 2011 at Union Station in Kansas City. Ticket prices when I went were: Adults 13-59 $12.50. Seniors, college students and military with valid ID $9.50. Children 3-12 (2 adn under FREE) $9.50.

I recommend anyone and everyone who can see the awesome masterpieces of art in person to do so. You can easily spend several hours reading all the literature and history of these choppers and their makers. If you aren’t able to make it in person, I hope you’ll enjoy the pictures of the choppers I took and am sharing here with you.

A couple of recommendations if you are able to make it:

  1. Use the restroom before you go in!  Once you leave, they won’t be forgiving and let you back in.
  2. Don’t touch the artwork.  This was a tough one for me, but out of respect for the artists themselves and the machine they created, I just took a lot of pictures instead.

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1999 Harley Davidson FLHTCUI

Hello everyone,

I’m Wayne Scrivner, a friend of B.J.’s who’s helping him with his site and someone who loves motorcycles as well.  Thanks to B.J. for the opportunity to help with the site and get back  to riding again.

I sold my last motorcycle the year before my 10 year old son was born. That’s the longest I have been without a motorcycle since getting my first one when I was 17 years old.

I have always wanted a Harley Davidson. I’ve had the chance to ride many different motorcycles including Honda’s, Kawasaki, Suzuki’s. The last ten years, my riding has been limited to a bicycle. Two summers ago my brother moved from Colorado and needed a place to store his Kawasaki Nomad. I gladly helped him out, and let him store it in my garage. Loving cruiser’s, this was the biggest one I had the chance to ride. The closest before that was a  Honda Shadow at the lake in the summer of 1990 when a friend tossed me the keys and said take her for a spin.

Since helping my friend B.J. with this site, my need for a motorcycle has increased ten fold. If you don’t share this passion for motorcycles, you may be saying: “don’t you mean want instead of need?” All I can say to that is…..nope, I said it right the first time.

I stopped by Topeka Harley Davidson on June 11th, 2011 to look at some beautiful motorcycles after attending my Nephew’s wedding. I will probably remember that day for a long time to come. Of course the wedding was wonderful, I got to see two people who love each other exchange vows, and see a lot of family/friends that I hadn’t seen in too long. But riding a Harley Davidson for the first time, on top of riding a motorcycle on such a beautiful day was the best for me. Especially since I went upstairs and put a deposit down on my first Harley Davidson.
1999 Harley Davidson FLHTCUI
I decided to wait a couple of weeks to ride my new Harley home, and for two weeks I wished I would’ve rode it home on the eleventh.  But the 25th finally came, and I was going to Topeka to see my Niece get married on yet another wonderful day.

I got mine at Topeka Harley Davidson……and a shirt that says that too.  Everyone there was great to work with, and they had my bike sitting on the showroom floor waiting for me with a sign that said “please just admire, awaiting new owner.”  I would suggest anyone in the area to stop by and check out their store.  Tell ’em B.J. and Wayne sent you!

I’ve had the motorcycle for 4 days now, and have gone about 500 miles, and I’ve worn my helmet on all those miles (mom will want to know that).   I look forward to riding a lot more, and meeting more motorcycle enthusiasts along the way.

I added a “fan photo’s” page to the gallery with more pics of my bike, and we would like to see yours too.  You can email them to B.J. with your story and you can share it with the us!

2008 Buell XB12R Firebolt



My motorcycle is a 2008 Buell XB12R Firebolt 25th Anniversary edition. Arctic white body work with Hero blue color wheels.

It really is a great motorcycle to ride. If you don’t know much about Buell’s, or never heard of them. Here is a little info on my own bike. It has fuel in the frame; the rear swing arm is also the oil tank. Unslung exhaust pipe, air/ fan and oil cooled 1203cc V-Twin motor. It makes 103 Hp; I currently have Dunlop Sportmax Q2 tires on the machine. Some specs are below:

Buell’s profilation of this bike
Powered by a 1203 cc Thunderstorm® air/oil/fan-cooled, fuel-injected 45° V-Twin, this is the motorcycle for riders who demand a premium-styled sportfighter with the perfect balance of horsepower and torque.
Engine and transmission
Displacement: 1202.88 ccm (73.40 cubic inches)
Engine type: V2, four-stroke
Power: 103.00 HP (75.2 kW)) @ 6800 RPM
Torque: 113.90 Nm (11.6 kgf-m or 84.0 ft.lbs) @ 6000 RPM
Compression: 10.0:1
Valves per cylinder: 2
Fuel system: Injection. 49 mm down draft DDFI III fuel injection
Fuel control: OHV
Lubrication system: Dry-sump
Cooling system: Oil & air
Gearbox: 5-speed
Transmission type,
final drive:
Clutch: Wet, multi-plate, compensated, reduced lever effort
Exhaust system: Tuned, tri-pass resonance chamber with InterActive valve and mass-centralized mounting
Chassis, suspension, brakes and wheels
Frame type: Aluminum frame with Uniplanar™ powertrain vibration isolation system, fuel in frame
Rake (fork angle): 21.0°
Front suspension: 43 mm Showa inverted forks with adjustable compression damping, rebound damping and spring preload
Front suspension travel: 120 mm (4.7 inches)
Rear suspension: Showa coil-over monoshock with adjustable compression damping, rebound damping and spring preload
Rear suspension travel: 127 mm (5.0 inches)
Front tire dimensions: 120/70-ZR17
Rear tire dimensions: 180/55-ZR17
Front brakes: Single disc. 8-piston calipers
Rear brakes: Single disc. 2-piston calipers
Rear brakes diameter: 240 mm (9.4 inches)
Physical measures and capacities
Dry weight: 179.2 kg (395.0 pounds)
Power/weight ratio: 0.5749 HP/kg
Overall length: 1,935 mm (76.2 inches)
Overall width: 716 mm (28.2 inches)
Ground clearance: 110 mm (4.4 inches)
Wheelbase: 1,321 mm (52.0 inches)
Fuel capacity: 14.45 liters (3.82 gallons)


I have had the great pleasure of even meeting Erik Buell himself. I had my motorcycle signed by him as well. How many people can say the bought a Honda CBR 1000, or a Yamaha R1, and had their Sport Bike signed by the designer/ builder himself. I can and that’s pretty dang cool I might say! Erik is a great guy to talk to and he is also thinking of new great designs and technology for his American sport bike brand.

Buell motorcycles where being produced and funded under the Harley-Davidson brand. In Oct 2009 Harley Davidson decided to shut down the Buell factory. A few 2010 Buell bikes did escape the factory during the last few days of operation. Harley- Davidson will still continue to supply parts and service at select dealers. So don’t be freaked out if you have not heard the news. As well as don’t be freaked out if you wanted to buy a Buell.

Another great reason for a Buell is in fact during the 2009 AMA Pro Road Racing season. Danny Eslick #9 won the Daytona Sport Bike Championship riding a Buell 1125r race bike for the Richie Morris Racing team with Bruce Rossmeyer’s Daytona and Geico Powersports Insurance as major sponsors to support their racing effort. It was a great year in racing for enthutheists such as myself.

Erik Buell is back with his own company now. Erik Buell Racing is taking shape in the AMA racing world. A new super awesome street bike is in the works as well by the name of Erik Buell Racing 1190RS. It is a very pretty sport bike I might say.