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News on races and events that are upcoming and we plan on attending.
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Bearracing at the Bikers for Babies in Kansas City

It was a great day to be at the Kansas Speedway in Kansas City.  A day when all bikers could come together and raise money for a great cause….The March of Dimes.

Buell Harley Davidson at Kansas Speedway

On September 22, 2013 during the March of Dimes Bikers for Babies 19th annual event at the Kansas Speedway. Hosted by Kansas City’s 98.9 The Rock, Johnny Dare. Who is friends with famous 125cc Gp racer Hector St. John invited select Kansas City area and and a few mid west motorcycle road racers to host a  Moto Cup Grand Prix race on the new road course of Kansas Speedway in front of 5,000 plus bikers for babies riders crowd.
 It was very thrilling to be the one of the 1st to ever to race on the new road course of Kansas Speedway for such a event and show support for a great cause such as the March of Dimes. The event in Kansas City is the largest one in the U.S. total dollar raise was about $625,000 to help save babies.
BJ and Pit Crew Chief Clint at the Kansas Speedway
The races where fantastic 3rd classes were held, an Ultra light 250cc class, a GT Lights Class and a superbike class. Our bearracing #12 Buell Xb12r Firebolt would race in the GT Lights class.
I started last on the grid in 9th place. Soon as the green flag dropped i got a great start and made my way to turn 1 where i saw bikes try to make turn 1 going 4 wide on the new slick surface. Boom a bike goes crashing down and we would have a restart of the race..
2nd restart was another great launch off the line.. the torqe of the buell would pull a large wheelie. I set the front end down and headed to turn 1.  I was in 4th place by then going into the inside of the turn.. By the time I was out of the turn I was 3rd and never looked back as I chased down 1st and 2nd position who where expert racers.
Bj, Buell, and racing fan Stacie at the Kansas Speedway
I remained in 3rd place for most of the race until a Suzuki SV 650 caught me and we started to battle back and forth for the 3rd spot. I could see the large crowd lining the fence, many who would be Harley-Davidson riders cheering me on to take back 3rd place on my Buell.
As the race neared to its end, the sv would head into turn one on the inside followed by a lapped rider to its outside. The only chance I had to power around the sv would to make my move even further out on the outside of the corner and the 3 of us would go 3 wide into the turn with me on the far outside. My pirelli diablo superbike pro tires from our sponsor Good Grip Racing kept my buell planted to the ground and i powered around both bikes to reclaim the 3rd spot and never look back. I would finish 3rd on the #12 bearracing Buell and become the 1st Buell racer to run on the new road course of the Kansas Speedway.
Thank you to the March of Dimes Bikers for babies, Kansas Speedway, Hector St. John, Daniel Bowers, and Johnny Dare for hosting such a great wonderful safe event. It was a real honor to race and support a special cause.
Also thank you to our sponsors, Clint Barnett Amsoil dealer, Vortex Racing, Race Tech, Topeka Harley-Davidson, Good Grip Racing Pirelli Tires, Cycle Gear, Free Spirits Buell Italy, Renegade Race Fuels, And A&H heating air conditioning and Plumbing.
Check out the race from the front end of my Buell:  B.J.’s Youtube
BJ racing the Buell Harley Davidson at the Kansas Speedway

bearracing 2013 season motorcycle racing schedule

bearracing 2013 Season motorcycle schedule

2012 MCRA Class Champions Awards Dinner Banquet St. Louis Mo. (Jan 12,2013)


  1. March 13-16 2013 AMA Pro Racing Daytona 200 (Pit Crew Service for race team)**


  1. April 20-21 Heartland Park Topeka Trackday #1 & #2 Weekend.
    1. April 20-21 Putnam Park Road Course -MCRA Series Race 1 & 2


  1. May 4-5 Heartland Park-Topeka Heart of America CycleFest -CCS series MW**
    1. Track Hosted Practice day on May 3rd


  1. May 18-19 Blackhawk Farms Raceway -CCS series MW


  1. May 25-26 Gateway Motorsports Park -CCS series MW/ MCRA Series Race 3 & 4**


  1. May 27 Memorial Day (Monday) Heartland Park Topeka Trackday # 3


  1. June 23 Heartland Park Topeka Trackday #4**


  1. June 29-30 Gateway Motorsports Park –MCRA Series Race 5 & 6


  1. July 6-7 Road America -CCS series MW


  1. July 20-21 Heartland Park Topeka Trackday #6 & #7 Weekend
    1. July 20-21 Blackhawk Farms Raceway -CCS series MW


  1. August 17-18 Heartland Park Topeka Trackday #8 & #9 Weekend
    1. August 17-18 Blackhawk Farms Raceway -CCS series MW


  1. September 7-8 Gateway Motorsports Park –MCRA Series Race 7 & 8


  1. September 21-22 Blackhawk Farms Raceway -CCS series MW


  1. September 28-29 Heartland Park Topeka Trackday #10 & #11 Weekend


  1. October 5-6 Gateway Motorsports Park –MCRA Series Race 9 & 10**


  1. October 19-20 Heartland Park Topeka Trackday #12 & #13 Weekend


  1. Date TBA Kansas Speedway Trackday (1-3 events possible schedule)


**= Events that we have funding for to compete.


2012 MCRA Season

Well the 2012 MCRA season has come to an end. The bearracing Buell was very successful in our first season of racing. After a long winter and spring building our own Buell XB12R Firebolt race bike. We was finally able to take to the track halfway through the 16 race season schedule in the MCRA I-70 Challenge Series. With 8 races remaining in the season we made a goal to try and place at least 3rd in the championship standings. This would earn us a place in MCRA Awards dinner banquet for the 2012 racing season.

Our race season would start out like this as you read our story below.

We showed up July 7&8 at our home track Heartland Park Topeka Kansas. For our first race in the MCRA series.  We had a few problems with the bike early in the day getting things sorted and set up for the race. Issues with our chain drive setup proved to be the biggest problem. Also the tuning program in the EMC would cause the bike to not run right. This was to be expected with a newly built bike and we never gave up till it was time to start the race. My good friend professional AMA Pro road racer Walt Sipp even came out to offer his support and guidance. With a fresh set of Dunlop Sportmax Q2 tires we took to the starting grid. The drop of the green and the Buell launched off the starting line! I would quickly move into 2nd place on the very first lap. My inexperience would get the best of me though. I tried to make a bold move on the leader of the race to try and take the lead of lap 1. This would only cause me to run off track and into the grass. I would gather the bike up and get back on track and calm myself down. No need to try and do something crazy in our first race. Just ride and have a strong showing on the track.

None the less we proved just that with a solid 3rd place podium finish for our efforts. We were pretty happy with the results of how the bike ran on its first race. The bike on the other hand was not happy! Ha haha.. it had been put to the test! Although it seamed to hold up just fine in the conditions. We then would get it ready for race 2 of the weekend on Sunday. Again some more gremlins would pop up during the first practice session in the morning. Mainly issues with the chain tension and sprocket gearing. We just couldn’t get a handle on this problem and we done practicing till we could resolve this issue. This would prove costly to us in the race as it took up all of our attention. It didn’t allow bearracing pit crew members time to focus on other issues on the bike.

Not only that.. but a strong pop thunderstorm also blew through Topeka Kansas and soaked the Heartland Park road course. This halted all action for about a hour and we weathered heavy rain and high winds and lots of lightening! We would have a rain race? Luckily may guys got back to work once the rain stopped. Cleaned up the bike and made great adjustments and we was able to ride the final two practice sessions before the race. The bike felt good even on the wet track.. While others changed to rain tires. We still had our Dunlop Q2’s on the bike. They gripped the track very well and by race time a dry line was seen in the racing grove.

As we lined up on the starting grid for race 2 of the weekend. I knew what I had to do in the race to run solid and get a good finish. Stay calm, not be greedy, and be smooth and patience would be key. If I could manage this all in my head and go fast as well, we would have a decent race. The green flag flew and the bike choked off the starting line. I would stay close to the leaders and just plan my passes on my strong points on the track. I was closing in and running 3rd looking for 2nd. Then some thing didn’t sound right. Then bike then started to feel a little sluggish as well. As I poured the throttle on  to make a pass for 2nd. The muffler would come lose from the header pipe and lose all back pressure. Or chance to contend for a win or 2nd place was over and I was able to limp it home for 3rd place once again.

Still a good showing on our first race weekend with our newly built Buell race bike though. We knew though that we had more work to do on the bike before the next race though. 2 podium finishes of 3rd place put us in 5th place in the championship standings though. There was now hope that perhaps if we could get the funding to make the next race. We would gain more points toward the top 3 of the championship. The next race would be at Gateway Motorsports Park in St. Louis Mo. That was now our focus, make more races, earn more points, place in the top 3 of the championship. In order to do this though we had to get the bearracing #12 Buell XB12R Firebolt much better! You can read about the 2nd race weekend for the bearracing Buell already  posted here on the website titled 1st MCRA Race Win! Gateway Motorsports Park, St. Louis.

Check back soon for the story of the 3rd race weekend and the return of the MCRA going back to Heartland Park Topeka. Followed by the final race event of the season back at Gateway again.

MCRA Racing Costs

Here are some of the typical fees and expenses B.J.  runs  into when participating in the MCRA races:

Trackday Practice Fee:

  • Heartland Park Topeka Kansas $125.00 each day (Sat and Sun)
  • Gateway Motorsports Park St. Louis Mo. $135.00 each day (Sat and Sun)
  • Putnam Racway Park Greencastle Indiana $135.00 each day (Sat and Sun)
  • Late entry Track Practice Fee $175.00-$185.00.  These prices take the place of the above fees, when paying after the deadline.  Deadline is usually one week before the race.

******Trackday Practice Fee is required one time prior to racing, but is very helpful to the rider  if done both days.

Race entry fee:

  • Saturday GT Race-$65.00
  • Saturday GT Lights Race $65.00
  • Sunday GT Race-$65.00
  • Sunday GT Lights Race $65.00

*******B.J. is currently concentrating on the GT Lights races for this season.  Currently positioned in 3rd place overall for his points.

Sunoco Race fuel for a typical race weekend = $50

New Dunlop Race tires: $275.00

Travel fuel:$115.00 fuel cost to Gateway for the weekend
Hotel Cost: One night stay at Motel 6 for Gateway motorsports race was $52.05
Food:$10.00-$50.00 a day depending on where you eat while at out of town race tracks.
Some tracks have garage areas to rent for $100.00 each day. Other tracks require a donation of $10.00-$20.00
We have 3 race weekends left of the season.  One in Putnam IL, one in Gateway Motorsports Park in St. Louis, and one at Heartland Park in Topeka KS.  B.J. is currently ranked 3rd in points for the season!  He get points for the racing season even if he doesn’t place, show or win!  In order to keep his 3rd position and/or move up to second or first, he needs to participate in the last 3 race weekends of the season.
As you can see, A typical race weekend for B.J. costs around $500.  Thanks to all B.J.’s  fans and friends who have helped him along the way!
I’ll be calling some friends in Indiana to see if we can stay at their house to help cut costs even further.  If friends could step up with a few bucks each, it would help B.J. finish in the top three.
Every dollar helps, consider sending a buck or two to help  B.J.?



1st MCRA Race Win! Gateway Motorsports Park, St. Louis.

Our 1st race at Gateway Motorsports Park in St. Louis Mo. with the MCRA Series.. Also know as Mid West Cafe Racing Association started out rough. We had bike issues in the 1st practice session and where only able to make 3 practice laps all day. Our bearracing team runs a Buell XB12R Firebolt. It has a EBR (Erik Buell Racing) XB race use only motor. Open air box kit and breather mod.

We started the bike to warm it up to head out on the track for practice. After waiting to0 long to go out. I shut the bike back off to keep it from getting to hot and burning to0 much fuel sitting and waiting. Once it was clear we would go out on the track. I restarted the bike. Only this time it would make a loud clanking/ banging noise upon start up. All seemed fine once it got running and I put the bike in 1st gear and rolled out of the garage at Gateway and on to the track. Gaining more speed I shifted into 2nd gear and and then tried to shift to third but the shifter was stuck in 2nd. I then couldn’t shift back to 1st or even get it back into neutral. I pulled into the garage thinking my shifter linkage was out of whack from perhaps the long trip from Kansas. Perhaps some gear, spare tires or some thing bumped the shifter during travel and put it out of whack. Once I got a closer look I knew it was some thing more terminal. We finally got it back into neutral and restarted the bike on our T-Rex race stands. 1st gear was fine… back into neutral just fine.. shifted to 2nd.. BANG! Loud noise.. We shut the bike off and think perhaps a tooth broke off in the transmission gear. We would be done for the day and the weekend of racing.

We ended up sitting in the garage area stumped on what we could do to try and fix the bike. We then guessed it would be too much of a repair job to do in the garage area at the track. I asked fellow Buell racer Dave Myers if he knew anything about what could be wrong. His answer was thinking it could be a tooth from the transmission broke off in there and suggested we don’t start the bike any more.

Dave then realized I was racing for points in the MCRA Am GT Lights race. He offered his very own Buell XB12R Firebolt for me to ride in the race.  To collect a few race points towards the championship. Here is a picture of Dave’s #16 Buell Firebolt I would borrow to make the race with.

Buell Firebolt XB12R Xb9R Race Bike

I would start 1st in the race by time stamp entry form. This would end up not meaning to much as now I was only going to run 2-3 laps of the 25min sprint race to collect a few race points. My competitors on the track also knew of my misfortune of the bearracing Buell race bike. So they knew I would not be a factor in the race. The green flag fell at 4:35pm and we raced into turn 1. I let them all pass by me into the 1st turn. Dave’s #16 Buell felt awesome and had lots of power! It was great jumping on another Buell that was set up just about like mine. Only with top notch race style parts. I completed lap one and ran down into turn 1 again.. got over to turn 2 where I saw the yellow flag waving. (Yellow flag would mean caution on the race track!) As I got closer I saw a bike off in the grass and crashed pretty hard. It would be the points leader of my race class. This would move me up a position in the race! I then came to turn 3 and saw more bike carnage all over the place! I would complete my 2nd lap and knew that I would be pulling in on my next lap on Dave’s bike that i borrowed to make some laps for points.

I came by the front straight one more time to make sure that any crashed bikes that might be in my class. I would be passing them, as they where wrecked. With the thought of wrecking Dave’s Buell. I only raced a respected speed so I wouldn’t fall down and damage his Buell. I returned to the site on the track where the crash took place. I seen now that the ambulance was out on the track during the race! It didn’t matter much now though cause this was my 3rd official lap and would be pulling off the track. Once I made it close to pit road, I seen the red flag come out and the race would be stopped. After all the dust was settled and the clean up from the crash began. I was scored in 1st place and only had to complete 3 more laps on a full race restart. All my class competitors had crashed out of the race on lap 2! I couldn’t believe it! We pulled into victory lane at Gateway Motorsports Park! (Also known as Gateway International Raceway). WOW our 1st win in only my 3rd start in the 2012 MCRA I-70 Series Challenge Race! Dave couldn’t even believe it either! No one has ever seen anything like this happen before during a race. The last bike standing at the end of the day… Was a American Made Sportbike.. The Buell Firebolt owned by Dave Myers with rider B.J. De Jong at the controls.

MCRA 1st win Gateway Motorsports Park St. Louis Mo. Buell Firebolt Xb12r  Here above is the picture of me standing in victory land with all the trophy girls. There would be no 2nd or 3rd place scored as no one else finished the race! The Buell was the only bike to make it to the checkered flag!

This win moves me up the championship points standings to 3rd place for the MCRA I-70 Series Challenge for the Am GT Lights Class! Our goal is to try and finish in the top 3 for the season championship! This would get our team invited to the season ending awards dinner in St. Louis Mo! Giving our bearracing team the chance to thank our sponsors and supporters during the race season.

After the victory lane celebration was over. I went over and talked to the crashed riders to see if they were OK. They all gave me many congrats on my 1st win. As they seamed to be OK, but a little banged up and sore for the most part. We cant say the same about there motorcycles though! Some had been pretty well damaged, we’ll see if they can get them repaired by the next race at Putnam Indiana Sept 8-9 2012.

As for me! I will be working on my Buell as well to prepare for my next race also. Unfortunately it wont be till Sept 29th-30th as we don’t have enough sponsorship funding (Dollars) to make it to the next race at Putnam Sept 8-9. So we will have to make the most of our missed points at our home track Heartland Park Topeka Kansas!

2012 AMA Pro Racing Daytona 200

Here is a story of my recent news heading in the 2012 AMA Pro Racing Daytona 200. The 1st race of the 2012 AMA Pro Road Racing motorcycle Superbike and Daytona Sportbike season.
Last year some of you know, team owner Richie Morris called me. He gave me the offer of coming to pit crew during the Inagural race at Daytona for the newly AMA Vance & Hines Harley- Davidson XR1200 Spec Class. For 2 days I would be wearing the famous Richie Morris Racing ( RMR ) Bruce Rossmeyer Daytona Racing – Geico Powersports team colors. Along side 3 other crew men.. We set out to crew for 3 RMR XR1200 race bikes. The results in the end where a 1st, 2nd and 9th place finish for the 3 team bikes. It was a proud moment and a day I sure will not forget.
As we get closer to March and Daytona time.. Many teams are changing riders, sponsors and crew men. Once of the biggest changes so far was the news that Erik Buell Racing was going to race 2 bikes. His newest rider, Danny Eslick… With the new comes the need of a crew chief and crew men.. That news will be said later in this story..
I was contacted by my good friend since 2008 Mike Kirkpatrick.. Perhaps the best crew chief around.. and the most knowlegable about Buells. Mike asked if I was coming to Daytona in 2012. I said I plan on it!! He said great and wanted me to help him pit crew with him for Paul James’s XR1200 #70 entry. We then would switch gears and pit crew for Pat Mooney’s #41 Buell 1125r Daytona Sportbike. Pat is returning to make a 2nd Daytona 200 attempt after last years crazy tire issues race. I was Pat Mooney’s fuel man in 2011 during the Daytona 200.
I told Mike that I will see him in Daytona and be ready to help him out with both bikes. He told me thank you and that we would keep in touch as the day draws closer to race time. A few days later it was announced by Erik Buell Racing that Danny Eslick’s new crew chief now would be Mike Kirkpatrick. This is a huge promotion and dream come true for my good friend Mike. It also looks to perhaps put a bitter sweet end to Paul James and Mike being together for the near past 8 years.
I then became kinda stumped about what I would be doing now that I have gotten things set up to be at the track in daytona. Would i still be helping pit crew? Who would it be for? Is Pat Mooney still going to race in the daytona 200? What is Paul James going to do without help now in daytona?
A day went by as I was questioning all this.. Then an email came from my friend Paul James.. this is what it said:
Hey man, who are you working with at Daytona? I might need some help…LOL!! I quickly replied to Paul to let him know I was coming to help him with Mike. Since Mike is now off to the EBR superbike team. I’m coming now to surly help Paul with his XR1200 effort in Daytona.
Things still now were open on the Daytona 200. Paul and I talked on the phone later in the week. Cleared the air of all the news and happenings. He would then call Pat Mooney and find out his Daytona plans. Soon after I then hear from Pat Mooney on Facebook. He is gearing up for 2012 Daytona and “Banking on some good pit stops This year BJ, especially with you on the Fuel! :)” That was some really cool news to read.. Once again I would be with Pat Mooney’s Buell for Daytona for a 2nd year in a row and my 3rd straight appearance in the Daytona 200 as a crew man and fuel man. (2010 was with Walt Sipp #221 finished 20th place).
It was really great to just let all the plans fall into place. Come March, I will head down to Daytona Florida for the 71st Daytona 200. Its going to be great to see my Buell racing friends Mike Kirkpatrick, Pat Mooney, Paul James and any others.. Become a part of motorcycle racing history once again! If you can’t make it to Daytona March 16th and 17th for these races. You can catch the AMA Daytona 200 on SPEED tv. Check your local listing or contact your cable tv provider to watch this historic motorcycle race!

bearracing supports finding a cure for breast cancer

We have new shirts available for purchase.

B.J. ordered his second round of shirts in October.  With the month being October, Several different themes and ideas came to mind, but was an easy choice when it came down to it.

We decided to help raise money to help find a cure for breast cancer.  Every shirt sold from this order (with the pink ribbons on the sleeve) will have $5 donated to his friends Mona and Elizabeth to help them reach their goals for when they walk 60 miles over three days to help raise money to find a cure.  (Susan G. Komen 3-day for the cure).  They will be walking a total of 60 miles over a 3 day period in Nov.  of 2012.

A special thanks to Blue Collar Press for the speedy service and doing such a great job on the shirts!  We have them available in black and white.

These shirts have been going fast, and we almost left them off this site because we thought we might run out as quickly as we got them.  Then decided we’d just order more if needed.

If you would like to Donate to help Mona or Elizabeth raise money for the Susan G. Komen organization, follow this link to donate directly to one of their accounts on the Susan G Komen 3 day for the cure site.

If your organization would like to raise money to help support your cause, use the contact form and let B.J. know that you would like to be on our next order of shirts.  We are also actively looking into getting some hats made for future events and for sale.

It’s taken me a little while to make this post on bearracing and update the store page, thanks in advance for supporting bearracing!  Get your shirts today here!

Don’t want to pay for a shirt?  But still want to sport the awesomeness of this or another design?  Become a fan on facebook and watch for prizes coming as soon as the beginning of 2012!

Sept. 17th to Oct. 24th schedule

Sept. 17th Ridesmart Track Day sessions Heartland Park Topeka- Not attending may spectate
Sept. 18th Ridesmart Track Day sessions Heartland Park Topeka- Not attending (Attending KC Royals Baseball Game)
Sept. 26th Attending WWE Monday Night Raw at the Sprint Center in Kansas City Mo.
Oct 1st Heartland Park Topeka Track Day Session/ Clinic- Not attending
Oct 2nd-  Heartland Park Topeka Track Day Session- Might attend due to funding (Last trackday session on a weekend for 2011)
Oct 7 -Kansas Speedway ACRA “Night Race”- Attending
Oct 8 -Kansas Speedway Nascar Nationwide Race- Attending
Oct 9 -Kansas Speedway Nascar Sprint Cup Race – Attending
Oct 15th -MCRA Putnam Road Course Race Indiana- Might attend if sponsors are found to help with funding.
Oct 16th- MCRA Putnam Road Course Race Indiana- Might attend if sponsorship is found.
Oct 24 -Heartland Park Topeka Track Day Session (monday) Last track day of the year- Not attending

Thanks A & H

A special thanks to A&H heating, air conditioning and plumbing for their sponsorship in my upcoming race at Heartland Park in Topeka Kansas.

I will be attempting to acquire a racing license through the MCRA racing.  This will enable me to compete in all amateur race classes during the August 13th and 14th MCRA racing event and track day at HPT.

I will be riding a Buell XB12R Firebolt racebike, provided by Alex Opperman of the James Gang racing team.

A&H has kindly stepped forward with a cash donation to sponsor me in this event to help offset the costs that are required for me to be able to compete in this event.

For all your heating, air conditioning, and plumbing needs be sure to check out A&H.