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1999 Harley Davidson FLHTCUI

Hello everyone,

I’m Wayne Scrivner, a friend of B.J.’s who’s helping him with his site and someone who loves motorcycles as well.  Thanks to B.J. for the opportunity to help with the site and get back  to riding again.

I sold my last motorcycle the year before my 10 year old son was born. That’s the longest I have been without a motorcycle since getting my first one when I was 17 years old.

I have always wanted a Harley Davidson. I’ve had the chance to ride many different motorcycles including Honda’s, Kawasaki, Suzuki’s. The last ten years, my riding has been limited to a bicycle. Two summers ago my brother moved from Colorado and needed a place to store his Kawasaki Nomad. I gladly helped him out, and let him store it in my garage. Loving cruiser’s, this was the biggest one I had the chance to ride. The closest before that was a  Honda Shadow at the lake in the summer of 1990 when a friend tossed me the keys and said take her for a spin.

Since helping my friend B.J. with this site, my need for a motorcycle has increased ten fold. If you don’t share this passion for motorcycles, you may be saying: “don’t you mean want instead of need?” All I can say to that is…..nope, I said it right the first time.

I stopped by Topeka Harley Davidson on June 11th, 2011 to look at some beautiful motorcycles after attending my Nephew’s wedding. I will probably remember that day for a long time to come. Of course the wedding was wonderful, I got to see two people who love each other exchange vows, and see a lot of family/friends that I hadn’t seen in too long. But riding a Harley Davidson for the first time, on top of riding a motorcycle on such a beautiful day was the best for me. Especially since I went upstairs and put a deposit down on my first Harley Davidson.
1999 Harley Davidson FLHTCUI
I decided to wait a couple of weeks to ride my new Harley home, and for two weeks I wished I would’ve rode it home on the eleventh.  But the 25th finally came, and I was going to Topeka to see my Niece get married on yet another wonderful day.

I got mine at Topeka Harley Davidson……and a shirt that says that too.  Everyone there was great to work with, and they had my bike sitting on the showroom floor waiting for me with a sign that said “please just admire, awaiting new owner.”  I would suggest anyone in the area to stop by and check out their store.  Tell ’em B.J. and Wayne sent you!

I’ve had the motorcycle for 4 days now, and have gone about 500 miles, and I’ve worn my helmet on all those miles (mom will want to know that).   I look forward to riding a lot more, and meeting more motorcycle enthusiasts along the way.

I added a “fan photo’s” page to the gallery with more pics of my bike, and we would like to see yours too.  You can email them to B.J. with your story and you can share it with the us!