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bearracing supports finding a cure for breast cancer

We have new shirts available for purchase.

B.J. ordered his second round of shirts in October.  With the month being October, Several different themes and ideas came to mind, but was an easy choice when it came down to it.

We decided to help raise money to help find a cure for breast cancer.  Every shirt sold from this order (with the pink ribbons on the sleeve) will have $5 donated to his friends Mona and Elizabeth to help them reach their goals for when they walk 60 miles over three days to help raise money to find a cure.  (Susan G. Komen 3-day for the cure).  They will be walking a total of 60 miles over a 3 day period in Nov.  of 2012.

A special thanks to Blue Collar Press for the speedy service and doing such a great job on the shirts!  We have them available in black and white.

These shirts have been going fast, and we almost left them off this site because we thought we might run out as quickly as we got them.  Then decided we’d just order more if needed.

If you would like to Donate to help Mona or Elizabeth raise money for the Susan G. Komen organization, follow this link to donate directly to one of their accounts on the Susan G Komen 3 day for the cure site.

If your organization would like to raise money to help support your cause, use the contact form and let B.J. know that you would like to be on our next order of shirts.  We are also actively looking into getting some hats made for future events and for sale.

It’s taken me a little while to make this post on bearracing and update the store page, thanks in advance for supporting bearracing!  Get your shirts today here!

Don’t want to pay for a shirt?  But still want to sport the awesomeness of this or another design?  Become a fan on facebook and watch for prizes coming as soon as the beginning of 2012!