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Bearracing at the Bikers for Babies in Kansas City

It was a great day to be at the Kansas Speedway in Kansas City.  A day when all bikers could come together and raise money for a great cause….The March of Dimes.

Buell Harley Davidson at Kansas Speedway

On September 22, 2013 during the March of Dimes Bikers for Babies 19th annual event at the Kansas Speedway. Hosted by Kansas City’s 98.9 The Rock, Johnny Dare. Who is friends with famous 125cc Gp racer Hector St. John invited select Kansas City area and and a few mid west motorcycle road racers to host a  Moto Cup Grand Prix race on the new road course of Kansas Speedway in front of 5,000 plus bikers for babies riders crowd.
 It was very thrilling to be the one of the 1st to ever to race on the new road course of Kansas Speedway for such a event and show support for a great cause such as the March of Dimes. The event in Kansas City is the largest one in the U.S. total dollar raise was about $625,000 to help save babies.
BJ and Pit Crew Chief Clint at the Kansas Speedway
The races where fantastic 3rd classes were held, an Ultra light 250cc class, a GT Lights Class and a superbike class. Our bearracing #12 Buell Xb12r Firebolt would race in the GT Lights class.
I started last on the grid in 9th place. Soon as the green flag dropped i got a great start and made my way to turn 1 where i saw bikes try to make turn 1 going 4 wide on the new slick surface. Boom a bike goes crashing down and we would have a restart of the race..
2nd restart was another great launch off the line.. the torqe of the buell would pull a large wheelie. I set the front end down and headed to turn 1.  I was in 4th place by then going into the inside of the turn.. By the time I was out of the turn I was 3rd and never looked back as I chased down 1st and 2nd position who where expert racers.
Bj, Buell, and racing fan Stacie at the Kansas Speedway
I remained in 3rd place for most of the race until a Suzuki SV 650 caught me and we started to battle back and forth for the 3rd spot. I could see the large crowd lining the fence, many who would be Harley-Davidson riders cheering me on to take back 3rd place on my Buell.
As the race neared to its end, the sv would head into turn one on the inside followed by a lapped rider to its outside. The only chance I had to power around the sv would to make my move even further out on the outside of the corner and the 3 of us would go 3 wide into the turn with me on the far outside. My pirelli diablo superbike pro tires from our sponsor Good Grip Racing kept my buell planted to the ground and i powered around both bikes to reclaim the 3rd spot and never look back. I would finish 3rd on the #12 bearracing Buell and become the 1st Buell racer to run on the new road course of the Kansas Speedway.
Thank you to the March of Dimes Bikers for babies, Kansas Speedway, Hector St. John, Daniel Bowers, and Johnny Dare for hosting such a great wonderful safe event. It was a real honor to race and support a special cause.
Also thank you to our sponsors, Clint Barnett Amsoil dealer, Vortex Racing, Race Tech, Topeka Harley-Davidson, Good Grip Racing Pirelli Tires, Cycle Gear, Free Spirits Buell Italy, Renegade Race Fuels, And A&H heating air conditioning and Plumbing.
Check out the race from the front end of my Buell:  B.J.’s Youtube
BJ racing the Buell Harley Davidson at the Kansas Speedway

bearracing 2013 season motorcycle racing schedule

bearracing 2013 Season motorcycle schedule

2012 MCRA Class Champions Awards Dinner Banquet St. Louis Mo. (Jan 12,2013)


  1. March 13-16 2013 AMA Pro Racing Daytona 200 (Pit Crew Service for race team)**


  1. April 20-21 Heartland Park Topeka Trackday #1 & #2 Weekend.
    1. April 20-21 Putnam Park Road Course -MCRA Series Race 1 & 2


  1. May 4-5 Heartland Park-Topeka Heart of America CycleFest -CCS series MW**
    1. Track Hosted Practice day on May 3rd


  1. May 18-19 Blackhawk Farms Raceway -CCS series MW


  1. May 25-26 Gateway Motorsports Park -CCS series MW/ MCRA Series Race 3 & 4**


  1. May 27 Memorial Day (Monday) Heartland Park Topeka Trackday # 3


  1. June 23 Heartland Park Topeka Trackday #4**


  1. June 29-30 Gateway Motorsports Park –MCRA Series Race 5 & 6


  1. July 6-7 Road America -CCS series MW


  1. July 20-21 Heartland Park Topeka Trackday #6 & #7 Weekend
    1. July 20-21 Blackhawk Farms Raceway -CCS series MW


  1. August 17-18 Heartland Park Topeka Trackday #8 & #9 Weekend
    1. August 17-18 Blackhawk Farms Raceway -CCS series MW


  1. September 7-8 Gateway Motorsports Park –MCRA Series Race 7 & 8


  1. September 21-22 Blackhawk Farms Raceway -CCS series MW


  1. September 28-29 Heartland Park Topeka Trackday #10 & #11 Weekend


  1. October 5-6 Gateway Motorsports Park –MCRA Series Race 9 & 10**


  1. October 19-20 Heartland Park Topeka Trackday #12 & #13 Weekend


  1. Date TBA Kansas Speedway Trackday (1-3 events possible schedule)


**= Events that we have funding for to compete.


bearracing’s B.J. De Jong

Spoke with some representatives today with Anhueser- Busch in St Louis Mo. This was regarding a potential sponsor opportunity with the Budweiser beer brand. The people in St. Louis where very positive and helpful and highly supportive of a possible sponsorship deal for our AMA Pro Road Racing sportbike rider Walt Sipp.

They suggested that I contact my local bottling wholesaler distributor here in Lawrence Kansas. This is perhaps where a local in person talks and negotiations may take place for such a sponsorship with Budweiser. I ( B.J. De Jong of bearracing) have been in contact with the local Budweiser facility here in Lawrence Kansas. We will continue to seek further information regarding this potential opportunity for our professional road racing team. Please check back for more news regarding this deal and any other further news we might have as our quest for sponsorship continues.
B.J. De Jong
Crew Chief Walt Sipp Racing Buell #221 SportBike of AMA Rider Walt Sipp.