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bearracing’s B.J. De Jong

Spoke with some representatives today with Anhueser- Busch in St Louis Mo. This was regarding a potential sponsor opportunity with the Budweiser beer brand. The people in St. Louis where very positive and helpful and highly supportive of a possible sponsorship deal for our AMA Pro Road Racing sportbike rider Walt Sipp.

They suggested that I contact my local bottling wholesaler distributor here in Lawrence Kansas. This is perhaps where a local in person talks and negotiations may take place for such a sponsorship with Budweiser. I ( B.J. De Jong of bearracing) have been in contact with the local Budweiser facility here in Lawrence Kansas. We will continue to seek further information regarding this potential opportunity for our professional road racing team. Please check back for more news regarding this deal and any other further news we might have as our quest for sponsorship continues.
B.J. De Jong
Crew Chief Walt Sipp Racing Buell #221 SportBike of AMA Rider Walt Sipp.