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Prilosec Sponsorship

B.J.’s passion and why it’s important to him:
Our passion is professional road racing superbike motorcycles. We are seeking sponsorship to help support our team continue racing on a national nationwide championship level. The huge fan base, the thrill of racers going 160 plus mph dragging their knees in tight corners. From race tracks in Florida, to California, and tracks in between. Its a great experience to show the passion for the sport we love. The pleasure of meeting great fans at each track and there passion for riding motorcycles. The chance to compete against other top motorcycle racing teams on the track. We want to prove that a small based team can compete on the top level with alittle bit of top notch sponsorship dollars to fund us to do what we love and keep our passion alive each race weekend… Race sport bike motorcycles.
race crew picture

How sponsorship can make a difference in B.J.’s life:
A brand sponsorship would be a huge benefit to our team. It will able us the funding we need to travel to each race track. Supply the parts and racing tires we need at the track. Help us with spending cost to take care of the racer and crew who work hard to make the bike fast on the track to win races.. but also safe for the rider to have no worries going 160+ Mph. It also gives us a chance to see our fans at race track and events each time we race. As well as promote our sponsor at each event for there help to our race team. Best off all it gives us the chance to continue to persue our passion as a team..
What B.J. has requested if sponsored by Prilosec OTC:
The main thing we need from our sponsor is money and their logos. With their money it will able us to purchase the items we need to compete at each race. The entery fee to the race, the travel cost of gasoline to get to the race track purchase racing tires for the bike and more. With their logos it will able us to dress up the racebike, riders leather race suit and crew uniforms to promote/ advertise our great sponsor on a televised national level. This will show our fans, and competion that we have the support to be here to do what we love. We will also need/like some promotional items to hand out at the track during each race weekends to fans to further promote Prilosec OTC on and off the track. Most of all we need to receive the support and loyalty of a great sponsor to get us digging for the best results we can get on the track at each race!
How B.J. plans to let people know about it if he becomes officially sponsored by Prilosec OTC:
If you sponsor us.. Your logo will appear on the side of the racebike, Riders racing suit, crew uniforms and hats as well as a huge logo on the racebike trailer which travels to each race across the U.S. It would be like a rolling bilboard “Prilosec OTC” Racing, Offical Sponsor of our teams racebike #221. Each race fans from all over will see our racebike with Prilosec OTC decals. They will know that brand is helping us with the funding we need to race a superbike in the Pro Road Racing Series across America. When able, we will also hand out any samples/ promotional items provided to us to give to fans from Prilosec OTC. This all comes to our sponsor with huge exposure! We will also give you feedback of results from each race we are able to enter.

Thanks to all who supported our video for Royal Purple! We made it in the top 5 and advanced to the final voting stages, so we will find out soon if we won the grand prize or not. We will let you know here on the website.